Advance Leadership Class

‘Advance’, a youth leadership initiative established by the State Governments’ Department for Victorian Communities, has three focuses:
Community, communication and project management.
It aims to focus on developing young people’s knowledge about their connections to the community and community resources and assets available to them; to focus on strengthening young people’s communication skills; and to focus on building project management knowledge and skills.
‘Advance’ is a great opportunity for us to partner with you in building Assets into your students and a great opportunity for students to gain experience and a greater sense of self worth through the planning of these events and more.
‘Advance’, as delivered by Bridge Builders, started in Yarra Hills Secondary College since 2005 and has helped produce some of the shires most notable events. The Yarra Hills ‘Advance’ class has organized the business breakfast, which annually sees 300 business people from around our shire in attendance. Other events over the years include Huck N Hold World Series Jet Ski, the Run for the Young Marathon are just a few of the successful events Advance students with Bridge Builders have designed and delivered.
[cl-review quote=”The Advance Leadership program has been delivered in our school for over ten years, and the success of the program continues to grow every year. Students who participate in the class are challenged to step out of their comfort zone and commit to personal growth and development, including obtaining their qualification in first aid level 2. They also work together as a team to design and deliver an annual business breakfast, which has become a highlight of the school calendar year. With over 300 business people in attendance, the event is an extraordinary effort by these courageous young teenagers, and it goes to show that when a group of young people become focused, anything is possible!” author=”Robyn” occupation=”Teacher” type=”quote” layout=”clean”]