The Team

10 Year Honour Board

Made of Champions

Our dedicated team of volunteers lead, inspire, and motivate young people every day! We have multiple layers of our team who all work together to achieve our goal of changing the lives of young people.
The first layer is our Orange Team. These leaders are being guided by their peers while they are still learning the ropes of leadership, and often volunteering in multiple areas.
The second layer is the red Leadership Team. This is our trained team of leaders who are able to take the reins in every aspect of their leadership. They usually manage a specific area or role.
The third layer is our purple Operations Team. This team is trained and highly capable of not only successfully running every aspect of leadership, but also taking on the role of leading our other leaders. They also have a very specific area and team members that they lead. The fourth layer are our Executives. This team oversee an entire department and ensure its functioning at it’s best. The final layer is our gold team of Board Members. This layer includes our Chief Executive Officer and Executive officer who lead and guide our entire organisation. It also includes a group of committed people, who fulfill a role as a member of our board and who work behind the scenes to ensure our charity is running full steam ahead.


Chloe Buultjens

UR Retreat

Sharon Brittain

Eminence Mentor

Fiona Partridge

Postie Bike Team

Taylah Argent

UR Retreat

Katrina Taeuber

Placement Student

Paul & Robyn Steuart

Postie Bike Team

Bree Helder

UR Retreat

Mel Hindby

Office Team

Leadership Team

Paul Murcutt

Counselling Team

Simone Ramage

Social Media Team

Mary Burns

Highway Collection Team

Tyler Grieef

BB Nights Team

Bex Edwards

BB Nights Team

Operations Team

Cassie Baldry

Social Days & BB Nights Manager

Paris Hindby

Social Media & Office Manager

Ella Hodge

Counselling Services & Membership Manager

Mitchell Jackson

Trivia Night Manager

Alex Zeniou

OHS & Office Manager

Bonnie Knight

UR Retreat Manager

The Executive Team

Josh Baldry

Executive - Team

Nabil Salameh

Executive - Major Events

The Board

Phil Stenhouse OAM

Founder, Director, CEO

Dwayne Brittain

Business Development

Nabil Salameh


Beck Mitchell

Executive Officer