1. I am encouraged to attend all required meetings.
    2. I am committed to participating in meetings, it is important to pay attention and not distract others, including the use of mobile phones.
    3. I am committed to wear Bridge Builders uniform when representing the organisation to all meetings, events and engagements; feel proud to be a part of the Bridge Builders Crew.
    4. I understand while wearing the Bridge Builders uniform, I cannot drink alcohol or smoke at any time as I am representing myself, my team and organisation including our business partners.
    5. I understand only approved drivers by Bridge Builders are allowed to drive any young people under the age of 18 at any time, unless parent permission has been given and Bridge Builders are aware of this.
    6. I am committed to maintain efficiency and productivity and take responsibility for my actions.
    7. I am encouraged to complete my role and responsibility to the best of my ability.
    8. I will be respectful to all crew and be considerate of their emotions, personal opinion and personal journey.
    9. I will conduct myself appropriately with young people and set an example by reinforcing our culture.
    10. I will avoid inappropriate or sexual contact with under age young people
    11. I am committed at all times that I am not involved in any illegal activity.
    12. I will talk respectfully and speak well of all Bridge Builders Crew and if I have any issues arise with any crew, I will address them privately.
    13. I am committed to developing my skills and developing new ones
    14. I am committed to ensuring Bridge Builders is a violence free environment and that it is a safe place for all